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Music from the box. 

  A couple of years ago I worked doing stage backlines at Osheaga in Montreal. I was posted with friend and former neighbor Matt Pierce at the electronic music stage setting up gear for a plethora of touring DJs and synthetic based acts. Matt who is a genuine expert and practitioner of such musics and myself almost a complete neophyte with an open mind had an epic weekend long conversation on the topic. We covered a lot of ground and I left thinking Ok so what am I gonna do with this.. Lots of contemporary recording programs come front end loaded with the tools to create music like this with ease Soooo..since then I've forayed out into the realm, recording the odd key based beat oriented sample friendly music. Here is a jam that features my three year old daughter on sampled vocals. Hope you enjoy!

Who are the Blazing Loons? 

Well we have been jamming as of late in the Honey Hut here in Ormstown.. Looking forward to tickle your ears at the new Taverne De La Ferme tomorrow night. Who may we be you perhaps ask? Well interestingly The Blazing Loons are interestingly comprised of entirely local folks of many ages. Its a real treat to be able to share the stage with the splendid presences and tonalities of ChrisCrillyChristopherPenningtonDrJakeMorrisseyGregBohemenandhopefullyLucdeTremmerie... Beeeooteefull

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